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The Aviation Sustainability Center is

Focusing on meeting the environmental and energy goals of the Next Generation Air Transportation System, including reducing noise, improving air quality, reducing climate impacts, and energy efficiency.

Exploring ways to produce sustainable aviation fuels at commercial scale, creating an industry with the potential for large-scale economic development and job creation.

Discovering science-based solutions will benefit the aviation industry and improve the health and quality of life of those living and working around airports.

Scope of Research

The environmental and energy challenges confronting aviation cannot be solved with a single solution. To overcome these challenges, the researchers of ASCENT will need to rethink technology, operations, planning, and sustainability in the field of aviation.

The researchers of ASCENT study a broad range of topics, which include but are not limited to:

Alternative Jet Fuels

  • Feedstock Development, Processing and Conversion
  • Regional Supply and Refining Infrastructure
  • Environmental Benefits Analysis
  • Aircraft Component Deterioration and Wear
  • Fuel Performance Testing


  • Aircraft Noise and Impacts
  • Aviation Emissions and Impacts
  • Aircraft Technology Assessment
  • Energy Efficient Gate-to-Gate Aircraft Operations
  • Aviation Modeling and Analysis

For more information on current ASCENT research, visit our projects page.