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2024 Noise and Operations Meeting, April 9-10

Location: Pennsylvania State University (PSU), Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, 215 Innovation Blvd, State College, PA, 16803. 1-800-233-7505

Agenda (Eastern Daylight Time)


Tuesday, April 9
A077 – Measurements to Support Noise Certification for UAS/UAM Vehicles and Identify Noise Reduction Opportunities .PDF
A049 – Modeling of UAM Noise .PDF
A038 – Rotorcraft Noise Abatement Procedures Development .PDF
A061 – Noise Certification Streamlining .PDF
A086 – Study on the use of Broadband Sounds to Mitigate Sleep Disruption due to Aircraft Noise .PDF
A003 – Cardiovascular Disease and Aircraft Noise Exposure .PDF
A094 – Probabilistic Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Trajectory and Noise Estimation Tool .PDF

Day 1 presentations (.zip)

Wednesday, April 10
AEE-100 – CAEP – Status of Supersonic Aircraft Noise Standards .PDF
A059E – Jet Flow Exhaust Modeling to Reduce Noise of Supersonic Aircraft .PDF
A057 – Support of Supersonic En-route Noise Efforts in ICAO CAEP .PDF
A054 – AEDT Evaluation and Development Support .PDF
A084 – Noise Modeling of Advanced Air Mobility Flight Vehicles .PDF
A062 – Noise Model Validation for AEDT .PDF
A072 – Aircraft Noise Exposure & Market Outcomes in the U.S. .PDF
A023 – Analytical Approach for Quantifying Noise from Advanced Operational Procedures .PDF
A044 – Aircraft Noise Abatement Procedure Modeling and Validation .PDF

Day 2 presentations (.zip)