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The ASCENT Advisory Committee is comprised of non-university institutions engaged in environmental issues of aviation.

This committee is important to the success of ASCENT and perform the following functions:

  • Provide ASCENT insight into the views of stakeholders regarding the direction of the center and its research.
  • Ensure that there are processes in place and followed by ASCENT and its sponsored researchers that the center produces quality research.
  • Review and provide advice on the activities and priorities of the center to the Co-Directors and his/her designees.
  • Ensure that the research undertaken by the center will have practical applications and help identify ways in which research results may be used.
  • Provide guidance on the center’s financial strategy, support efforts to ensure appropriate levels of funding for the center, and help the center leverage its resources.

The Advisory Committee works directly with the center co-directors and not with the FAA and other federal agencies. The purpose of this committee is to help shape ASCENT’s priorities, pursue other agencies and partners for participation, and ensure the research and implementation is relevant to the overall goals of the center. The committee does not influence agency policy.

For more information about ASCENT and how to participate with this center, please use this Request More Information form.