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October 2021 Project Updates

Download by Project

  • A001B – Construction & demolition waste regional project .PDF
  • A001F – Alternative jet fuel supply chain analysis .PDF
  • A002 – Re-Examination of Engine to Engine PM Emissions variability using an ARP Reference Sampling and Measurement System .PDF
  • A019 – Development of Aviation Air Quality Tools for Airport-Specific Impact Assessment .PDF
  • A022 – Evaluation of FAA Climate Tools .PDF
  • A033 – Alternative Jet Fuel Test Database Library .PDF
  • A034 – Integration and Coordination of the National Jet Fuels Combustion Program .PDF
  • A047 – Clean-sheet engine design and performance for supersonic transport aircraft  .PDF
  • A048 – Analysis to Support the Development of an Engine nvPM Emissions Standards .PDF
  • A056 – Turbine Cooling through Additive Manufacturing .PDF
  • A058 – Improving Policy Analysis Tools to Evaluate Higher-Altitude Aircraft Operations .PDF
  • A060 – Analytical Methods for Expanding the AEDT Aircraft Fleet Database  .PDF
  • A064 – Alternative Design Configurations to Meet Future Demand .PDF
  • A067 – Impact of Fuel Heating on Combustion and Emissions .PDF
  • A068 – Combustor Wall Cooling with Dirt Mitigation  .PDF
  • A069 – Transitioning a Research nvPM Mass Calibration Procedure to Operations  .PDF
  • A070 – Reduction of nvPM Emissions from Aero-Engine Fuel Injectors  .PDF
  • A072 – Aircraft noise exposure and market outcomes in the U.S. .PDF
  • A073 – Fuel Composition Impact on Combustor Durability  .PDF
  • A078 – Contrail Avoidance Decision Support and Evaluation  .PDF
  • A079 – Novel Noise Liner Development Enabled by Advanced Manufacturing  .PDF
  • A080 – Hydrogen and Power to Liquid (PtL) Concepts for SAF Production (WSU –PNNL portion)  .PDF

Download All Updates: .ZIP