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October 2022 Presentations

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Day 1

  • FAA Update .PDF
  • NASA Update .PDF
  • Transport Canada Update Lacroix .PDF   Obnamia .PDF
  • DoE Update .PDF
  • USDA Update .PDF
  • SAF Grand Challenge: Ascent in the Roadmap .PDF
  • A001 – Alternative jet fuel supply chain analysis .PDF
  • A001 – Alternative Jet Fuel Supply Chain Analysis -CORSIA Fuels Support .PDF
  • A093 – Global Alt Fuels Supply Chain Analysis .PDF
  • A052 – Comparative Assessment of Electrification Strategies for Aviation .PDF
  • A080 – Hydrogen and Power-to-Liquid Concepts for SAF production . PDF
  • A031 – Alternative Jet Fuel Test and Evaluation to support the ASTM International Approval Process .PDF
  • A033 – Alt Fuel Database Library .PDF
  • A065A-B – Fuel Testing Approaches for Rapid Jet Fuel Pre-screening .PDF
  • A088, 89, 90 – New Projects to Support 100% SAF  A088.PDF  A089 .PDF   A090 .PDF

Day 2

  • A060 – Analytical Methods for Expanding the AEDT Aircraft Fleet Database .PDF
  • A018 – Community Measurement of Aviation Emissions Contribution to Ambient Air Quality .PDF
  • A083 – NOx cruise/climb Metric system development .PDF
  • A048 – Analysis to Support Development of Engine nvPM Emission Standards .PDF
  • A069 – Transitioning a Research nvPM Mass Calibration Procedure to Operations .PDF
  • A081 – Measurement and Prediction of non-volatile particulate matter size and number emissions from sustainable and conventional aviation fuels
  • A087 – Measurement of nvPM Size, Number and Compositional Emissions, for Boeing eco-Demonstrator Aircraft Burning Sustainable Aviation Fuel .PDF
  • A070 – Reduction of nvPM Emissions via Aero-Engine Fuel Injector Design .PDF
  • A058 – Improving Policy Analysis Tools to Evaluate Higher-Altitude Aircraft Operations .PDF
  • A022 – Evaluation of FAA Climate Tools .PDF
  • A091 – Environmental Impacts of High Altitude and Space Vehicle Emissions .PDF
  • A037 – CLEEN II System Level Assessment – Benefits Assessments Continuation with Additional Technologies .PDF
  • A047 – Clean Sheet Aircraft Engine Design and Performance .PDF
  • A092 – Advanced Two-Stage Turbine Rig Development .PDF

Day 3

  • A053 – Validation of Low Exposure Noise Modeling by Open-Source Data Management and Visualization Systems Integrated with AEDT .PDF
  • A084 – Noise Modeling of Advanced Air Mobility Flight Vehicles .PDF
  • A094 – Probabilistic Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Trajectory and Noise Estimation Tool .PDF
  • A061 – Noise Certification Streamlining .PDF
  • A086 – Study on the Use of Broadband Sounds to Mitigate Sleep Disruption Due to Aircraft Noise .PDF
  • A038 – Rotorcraft Noise Abatement Procedures Development
  • A076 – Improved Open Rotor Noise Prediction Capabilities .PDF
  • A079 – Novel Noise Liner Development Enabled by Advanced Manufacturing .PDF
  • A055 – Noise Generation and Propagation in Advanced Combustors .PDF
  • A059 – Jet Noise Modeling to Support Low Noise Supersonic Aircraft Technology Development  059A .PDF  059B .PDF  059C .PDF  059D .PDF 059E .PDF
  • A010 – Aircraft Technology Modeling and Assessment .PDF
  • A057 – Support of Supersonic Aircraft En-route Noise Efforts in ICAO CAEP .PDF

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