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October 2023 Presentations

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Day 1

  • FAA Update .PDF
  • NASA Update .PDF
  • Transport Canada Update .PDF
  • DOE Update .PDF
  • USDA Update .PDF
  • AEE-500: SAF Research Introduction .PDF
  • A001: Alternative Jet Fuel Supply Chain Analysis: Carbon Fluxes and Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) .PDF
  • A001: Policy Support for SAF .PDF
  • A080: Hydrogen and PtL Concepts for SAF Production .PDF
  • A093: Global SAF Supply Chain Development .PDF
  • A066: Evaluation of Engine Fuel Burn and Thermal Management Benefits with Use of High Thermal Stability Fuels .PDF
  • A025, A065A, A65B: Rapid IR Fuel Screening; Fuel Testing Approaches for Rapid Jet Fuel Prescreening¬†.PDF
  • A031: Alternative Jet Fuel Test and Evaluation .PDF
  • A090: World Fuel Survey¬†.PDF
  • A088: A Method for Rapidly Assessing Jet Fuel Compatibility with non-Metallic Materials .PDF
  • A089: Characterization of Compositional Effects on Dielectric Constant .PDF

Day 2

  • A018: Community Measurements of Aviation Contributions to Ambient Air Quality .PDF
  • A019: Development of Aviation Air Quality Tools for Airport-Specifi Impact Assessment .PDF
  • A058: Policy Analysis Tools to Evaluate Higher-Altitude Aircraft Operations .PDF
  • A022: Evaluation of FAA Climate Tools .PDF
  • A091A: Environmental Impacts of High Altitude and Space Vehicle Emissions .PDF
  • A083: NOx cruise/climb metric system development .PDF
  • A069: Transitioning a Research nvPM Mass Calibration Procedure to Operations .PDF
  • A078: Contrail Avoidance Decision Support and Evaluation .PDF
  • A002: Understanding Changes in Aviation Emissions due to SAF with New Combustor Engine Technology .PDF
  • A074: SST Combustor Measurements & Analysis .PDF
  • AE-200: ASCENT Aircraft Technology Research .PDF
  • A037: CLEEN II System Level Assessment .PDF
  • A064: Alternative Design Configurations to Meet Future Demand .PDF
  • A050: Over-Wing Nacelle Placement Evaluation .PDF
  • A082: Integrated Noise and CO2 Standard Setting Analysis .PDF
  • A068: Combustor Wall Cooling with Dirt Mitigation and Combustor Simulator .PDF

Day 3

  • AEE-100: Noise Research Introduction .PDF
  • A003: Cardiovascular Disease and Aircraft Noise Exposure .PDF
  • A086: Study on the Use of Broadband Sounds to Mitigate Sleep Disruption due to Aircraft Noise .PDF
  • A038, A049: Rotorcraft Noise Abatement Procedure Development .PDF
  • A094: Probabilistic Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS TRajectory and Noise Estimation Tool .PDF
  • A054: AEDT Evaluation and Development Support .PDF
  • A077: Measurements to Support Noise Certification for UAS/UAM Vehicles and Identify Noise Reduction Opportunities .PDF
  • A055: Noise Generation and Propagation in Advanced Combustors .PDF
  • A079: Novel Noise Liner Development Enabled by Advanced Manufacturing .PDF
  • A059B: Jet Noise Modeling and Measurement for LTO noise of Supersonic Aircraft .PDF
  • A084: Noise Modeling of Advanced Air Mobility Flight Vehicles .PDF
  • A010: Aircraft Technology Modeling and Assessment .PDF
  • A062: Noise Model Validation for AEDT .PDF

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