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October 2023 Project Updates

Download by Project

  • Project 001A: Community Assets and Attributes Model (CAAM) (Washington State University) .PDF
  • Project 001A: Alternate Jet Fuel Supply Chain Analysis: Support on FTG (Washington State University) .PDF
  • Project 001A: Alternate Jet Fuel Supply Chain Analysis: (Washington State University) .PDF
  • Project 001A: Machine-learning-empowered Dynamic Wildfire Risk Assessment for Supply Chain Management (Washington State University) .PDF
  • Project 001B: Assessment of energy crops for SAF in Hawaii (and the tropics) (University of Hawaii) .PDF
  • Project 001B: Construction & demolition waste regional project (University of Hawaii) .PDF
  • Project 001D: Roles of Carbon Capture and Sequestration in SAF Pathways .PDF
  • Project 001F: Alternative Jet Fuel Supply Chain Analysis .PDF
  • Project 033: Alternative Jet Fuel Test Database Library .PDF
  • Project 052: Comparative assessment of electrification strategies for aviation .PDF
  • Project 057: Support of Supersonic Aircraft En-route Noise Efforts in ICAO CAEP .PDF
  • Project 058: Improving Policy Analysis Tools to Evaluate Higher-Altitude Aircraft Operations .PDF
  • Project 059C: Modeling Supersonic Jet Noise Reduction with Global Resolvent Modes .PDF
  • Project 059E: Moderate Fidelity Simulations for Efficient Modeling of Supersonic Aircraft Noise .PDF
  • Project 060: Analytical Methods for Expanding the AEDT Aircraft Fleet Database .PDF
  • Project 061: Noise Certification Streamlining: .PDF
  • Project 067: Impact of Fuel Heating on Combustion and Emissions .PDF
  • Project 070: Reduction of nvPM Emissions from Aero – Engine Fuel Injectors .PDF
  • Project 071: Predictive Simulations of nvPM Aircraft Emissions .PDF
  • Project 072: Aircraft Noise Exposure and Market Outcomes in the U.S. .PDF
  • Project 073: Fuel Composition Impact on Combustor Durability .PDF
  • Project 075: Improved Engine Fan Broadband Noise Prediction Capabilities .PDF
  • Project 078: Contrail Avoidance Decision Support and Evaluation .PDF
  • Project 086: Study on the Use of Broadband Sounds to Mitigate Sleep Disruption due to Aircraft Noise .PDF
  • Project 091A: Environmental Impacts of High Altitude and Space Vehicle Emissions .PDF