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Project 15 | Aircraft Impact on U.S. Local and Regional Air Quality

Aircraft Impact on U.S. Local and Regional Air Quality

Project Category: Emissions
Project Number: 15

Project 15 research identified:

  • The impact of aircraft emissions on air quality in nonattainment areas;
  • Ways to promote fuel conservation measures for aviation to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions; and
  • Opportunities to reduce air traffic inefficiencies that increase fuel burn and emissions.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology coordinated and partnered with CSSI Inc. and Metron Aviation, as some of the deliverables were interdependent with deliverables being fulfilled by CSSI and Metron under separate FAA agreements. The final report contains quantitative estimates of emissions impacts and methods for improved fuel efficiency. The study output was used to identify PARTNER research needs.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Ian Waitz, Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, iaw@mit.edu


Warren Gillette warren.gillette@faa.gov


  • Aircraft Impacts on Local and Regional Air Quality in the United States. Gayle Ratliff, Christopher Sequeira, Ian Waitz, Melissa Ohsfeldt, Theodore Thrasher, Michael Graham, Terence Thompson. Final report of PARTNER Project 15. October 2009. Report No. PARTNER-COE-2009-002 Download (pdf 7.6M)
  • Waitz, Ian; Energy Policy Act Study Briefing; UC Symposium on Aviation Noise and Air Quality March 2, 2009, Palm Springs, CA. Download (ppt. 4.4 mb)