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Validation of Low-Exposure Noise Modeling by Open-Source Data Management and Visualization Systems Integrated with AEDT

Project Number: 053
Category: Noise, Operations, Tools

The MONA project (Metroplex Overflight Noise Analysis) was started to provide real-time and objective data, analyses, and reports to key stakeholders and policy makers to help in mitigating the noise impacts of the deployment of new NextGen procedures. The system collects and archives air traffic data using a network of ADS-B receivers, predicts noise impacts using a variety of metrics and tools (including AEDT), visualizes the resulting large-scale datasets, and uses a network of sound-level monitors (SLMs) deployed around the Bay Area. The focus of this ASCENT project is to leverage the MONA infrastructure to improve upon the quality of noise predictions through tighter integration with AEDT and the measurements from the network of SLMs. Specifically, this project will integrate and automate AEDT’s noise analysis capabilities, validate and verify AEDT’s noise predictions in 55-65 dB Day-Night Average Sound Level (DNL) areas, and propose software engineering/architectural choices for AEDT to enhance usability in multiple workflows including Application Programming Interface (API) formulation, visualization interfaces, and cloud computing and storage.


  • Close integration of AEDT with MONA to perform automatic noise analyses without user intervention,
  • Validation and verification of AEDT predictions in low noise (55-65 db DNL) areas using a network of existing sound-level monitors and their associated measurements and non-aircraft-noise filtering techniques),
  • Software architecture suggestions for future AEDT versions to enable better integration with existing software standards and visualization frameworks for communication with the community.

Last Updated 9/20/2022

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