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October 2021 Presentations

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Day 1

  • FAA Update .PDF
  • NASA Update .PDF
  • Transport Canada Update .PDF
  • DoE Update .PDF
  • USDA Update (No Slides)
  • A001 – SAF Development: Law, Policy, and the Blender’s Tax Credit Fowler .PDF   Brandt .PDF
  • A001 – Alternative Jet Fuel Supply Chain Analysis – CORSIA Fuels Support .PDF
  • A001 – Feedstock to Fuel in the Southeast: A Focus on Central Appalachia .PDF
  • A052 – Comparative Assessment of Electrification Strategies for Aviation .PDF
  • A025 – Shock Tube and Flow Reactor Studies of the Kinetics of Jet Fuels (Rapid IR Fuel Screening) .PDF
  • A031 – Alternative Jet Fuel Test and Evaluation to support the ASTM International Approval Process .PDF
  • A065B – Fuel testing Approaches for Rapid Jet Fuel Prescreening .PDF
  • A065A – Fuel Testing Approaches for Rapid Jet Fuel Prescreening .PDF
  • A066 – Evaluation of High Thermal Stability Fuels .PDF

Day 2

  • A010 – Aircraft Technology Modeling and Assessment – Evaluation of Supersonic Aircraft to Support ICAO CAEP Tai .PDF   Crossley .PDF
  • A037 – CLEEN II System Level Assessment – Benefits Assessments Continuation with Additional Technologies .PDF
  • A050 – Over-Wing Engine Placement Evaluation .PDF
  • A063 – Parametric Noise Modeling for Boundary Layer Ingesting Propulsors .PDF
  • A075 – Improved Engine Fan Broadband Noise Prediction Capabilities .PDF
  • A076 – Improved Open Rotor Noise Prediction Capabilities .PDF
  • A055- Noise Generation and Propagation from Advanced Combustors .PDF
  • A059 Overview- SST Jet Noise Research .PDF
  • A059A – Supersonic Jet Noise Reduction .PDF
  • A059C – Jet Noise Modeling to Support Low Noise Supersonic Aircraft Technology Development .PDF
  • A059E – Jet Noise Modeling to Support Low Noise Supersonic Aircraft Technology Development .PDF
  • A059D – Jet Noise Modeling to Support Low Noise Supersonic Aircraft Technology Development .PDF
  • A059B – Experimental Supersonic Jet Noise Reduction .PDF
  • A057 – Support of Supersonic Aircraft En-route Noise Efforts in ICAO CAEP .PDF
  • A074 – Low Emission Premixed Combustion Technology for Supersonic Civil Transport .PDF
  • A051 – Combustion Concepts for Next-Generation Aircraft Engines to Reduce Fuel Burn and Emissions .PDF
  • A071 – Predictive Simulation of nvPM Emissions in Aircraft Combustors .PDF

Day 3

  • A009 – GIS -Based Noise Estimation Tool .PDF
  • A043 – Noise Power Distance Re-Evaluation (NPD+C) to Include Airframe Noise in AEDT .PDF
  • A046 – Surface Analysis to Support AEDT APM Development .PDF
  • A053 – Validation of Low Exposure Noise Modeling by Open Source Data Management and Visualization Systems Integrated with AEDT .PDF
  • A054 – AEDT Evaluation and Development Support .PDF
  • A062 – Noise Model Validation for AEDT Kirby .PDF   Sparrow .PDF
  • A061 – Noise Certification Streamlining .PDF
  • A003 – Cardiovascular Disease and Aircraft Noise Exposure Peters .PDF   Allroggen .PDF
  • A018 – Community Measurement of Aviation Emissions Contribution to Ambient Air Quality .PDF
  • A038 – Rotorcraft Noise Abatement Procedures Development .PDF
  • A077 – Measurements to Support Noise Certification for UAS/UAM Vehicles and Identify Noise Reduction .PDF
  • A049 – Urban Air Mobility Noise Reduction Modeling .PDF
  • A023 – Analytical Approach for Quantifying Noise from Advanced Operational Procedures .PDF
  • A044 – Aircraft Noise Abatement Procedure Modeling and Validation .PDF

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