Jet engine turbine (3D xray blue transparent)

PARTNER: the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction

PARTNER — the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction — was an academic, industry, and government collaborative that researched solutions for existing and anticipated aviation-related noise and emissions problems. It conducted basic research and engineering development, and prototype solutions.

PARTNER projects are complete and research is continuing through ASCENT.

PARTNER research and activities included:

  • A landmark aviation and environment report to Congress proposing a national vision statement, and recommended actions
  • Successfully testing alternate descent patterns as a no/low-cost means to reduce aircraft landing noise, fuel consumption, and pollutant emissions
  • Extensive research into different aspects of alternative fuels for aircraft and their environmental impacts
  • Three significant measurement campaigns at U.S. airports to assess and understand the formation of particulate matter from aircraft
  • Collaborating with NASA and industry studying noise acceptability of supersonic flight over land
  • Examining land use, noise, and local development dynamics related to airport encroachment
  • Assessment of the human health and welfare risks of aviation noise, air quality, and climate change impacts
  • Development of aircraft and air transportation system simulations to assess policies, technologies and operational options for enabling environmentally responsible air transportation growth
  • Online resource development to better inform the public about aircraft noise issues

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