Rotorcraft Noise Abatement Procedures Development

Project Number: 038
Category: Noise, Operations

The objective of this project is to utilize computational and analytical modeling to develop noise abatement procedures for various helicopters for various phases of flight. An extension of the project also includes predictions to support flight test planning.  The research team will recommend representative helicopters for which noise abatement procedures will be developed. The helicopters will be selected to determine if it is feasible to develop noise abatement procedures for categories of helicopters, (i.e., 2 blade light, 4 blade light, 2 blade medium, etc.) or if aircraft specific design considerations will be required in the development of noise abatement procedures.  Noise abatement procedures will be compared to representative baseline operations.  Comparisons will be made using various noise metrics (SEL, DNL, EPNL, etc.) along with the acoustic pressure time history and acoustic spectrum plots (which will be used primarily to explain what is influencing the metrics).

Last Updated 7/19/2023

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