Aerial View of an airplane flying over a city with a river.

Study on the use of broadband sounds to mitigate sleep disruption due to aircraft noise

Project Number: 086
Category: Noise

Because sound insulation of bedrooms is expensive and typically only granted to residents living close to the airport, alternative sleep disturbance mitigation options are desirable. The goal of this project is to investigate the effects of different kinds of aviation noise on sleep under controlled laboratory conditions and to investigate whether some of the sleep disturbing effects can be mitigated by introducing broadband noise into the bedroom or by wearing earplugs. The study will be performed in the Chronobiology Isolation Laboratory in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. This newly constructed facility includes four acoustically isolated bedrooms and a high-fidelity sound system.


This project will investigate the effects of earplugs and broadband noise on sleep and the potential of earplugs and broadband noise to mask aviation noise and thus mitigate its negative consequences on sleep quality and sleep recuperation, for two different levels of white noise. It will quantify differences in exposure-response functions between LAS,max and awakening probability between the investigated aviation noise sources (proposed are jet, helicopter, drone, low boom).

Last updated 7/20/2023

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