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A Physics-based Approach to Modeling Real-fuel Combustion Chemistry–IV. HyChem Modeling of Combustion Kinetics of a Bio-derived Jet Fuel and its Blends with a Conventional Jet A

Wang, K., Xu, R., Parise, T., Shao, J., Movaghar, A., Lee, D.J., Park, J.W., Gao, Y., Lu, T., Egolfopoulos, F.N., Davidson, D.F., Hanson, R.K., Bowman,C.T., & Wang, H. (2018). A physics-based approach to modeling real-fuel combustion chemistry – IV. HyChem modeling of combustion kinetics of a bio-derived jet fuel and its blends with a conventional Jet A. Combustion and Flame, 198:477-489, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.combustflame.2018.07.012