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2023 CLEEN Consortium/Aircraft Technology Meeting, May 1-4

Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) Offices
901 15 Street, NW
Washington, DC, 20005

Agenda (Eastern Daylight Time)


Thursday, May 4

A010 – Aircraft Technology Modeling and Assessment .PDF Part 1, .PDF Part 2
A037 – CLEEN II Aircraft Technology Assessment & Benefit Analysis Report .PDF
A050 – Over‐Wing Engine Placement Evaluation .PDF
A052 – Comparative Assessment of Electrification Strategies for Aviation .PDF
A064 – Alternative Design Configurations to Meet Future Demand .PDF
A082 ‐ Integrated Noise and CO2 Standard Setting Analysis .PDF
A051 – Combustion Concepts for the Next‐Generation Aircraft Engines .PDF
A068 – Combustor Wall Cooling Concepts for Dirt Mitigation .PDF
A070 – Reduction of nvPM emissions via innovation in aero‐engine fuel injector design .PDF
A074 – Low Emissions Pre‐Mixed Combustion Technology for Supersonic Civil Transport .PDF
A056 – Turbine Cooling Through Additive Manufacturing .PDF
A092 – Advanced Two‐Stage Turbine Rig Development .PDF
A055 – Noise Generation and Propagation from Advanced Combustors
A075 – Improved Engine Fan Broadband Noise Prediction Capabilities .PDF
A076 – Improved Open Rotor Noise Prediction Capabilities .PDF
A079 – Novel Noise Liner Development Enabled by Advance Manufacturing .PDF