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Projects by Topic

Alt Jet Fuels

While alternatives fuels exist, the accessibility of these alternatives is not ideal. Factors such as cost and lack of regulation prevent the large-scale adoption of new jet fuels. The next step in developing a more sustainable aviation industry is to improve the streamline the production and facilitate the adoption of alternative fuels.

To address these challenges, ASCENT researchers are working to improve the feasibility of renewable fuels through innovative production and distribution systems, understand how alternative fuels will affect emissions, air quality, and performance, and create more concrete standards for alternative fuel certification.

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The aviation industry also faces the challenge of reducing airplane emissions. Emissions from the aviation industry impact human health and contribute to global climate change. To address these concerns we must first understand exactly how aviation emissions affect our world.

To help the industry understand and change emissions levels, ASCENT researchers are working to analyze data and improve models to better understand the effect of airplane emissions, create and refine analysis techniques on airport –specific and global scales, and understand how policy changes could affect emissions.

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Noise pollution is a major challenge in the aviation industry. The noise caused by airports lowers property values and puts a major constraint on industry growth. It could also potentially cause health problems in communities, making noise reduction a key issue to ASCENT.

To help reduce noise pollution from the aviation industry, ASCENT researchers are working to understand how aircraft noise affects human health and wellbeing, create tools for analyzing aircraft noise, understand how elements like motion and atmospheric parameters affect noise, inform policies related to noise, and conduct outreach and education about aircraft noise reduction.

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Operating aircraft and airports may have negative impacts on local communities, the environment, and the economy. A goal of the aviation industry is to make operations environmentally and economically sustainable in the long term.

Improving aviation operations is a key goal in ASCENT. Therefore, ASCENT researchers are working to develop efficient gate-to-gate aircraft operations, develop evaluation tools for aircraft performance, and explore new operational procedures.

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To begin working toward a more sustainable aviation industry, we must first understand our current systems. We also must understand the short- and long-term effects of new technologies as we develop them.

To help current and future researchers understand the impact of the aviation industry, ASCENT is working to develop tools to help model and assess new and existing aircraft technology.

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