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April 2020 Presentations

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Day 1

  • Meeting Information, Zoom notes .PDF
  • FAA Updates .PDF
  • European Union’s Research: Examples & Opportunities for Sustainable Aviation Collaboration .PDF
  • The Spanish Aviation Center of Excellence. Updates on SAF research: Alternate and Artemisa projects .PDF
  • NJFCP Updates (Projects 25, 27, 29, 34) .PDF
  • ASCENT 001- – Updates on Lifecycle Analysis: Methods for Analyzing Co-processing and for Systematically Capturing Uncertainty .PDF
  • ASCENT 001 – Potential Northwest Regional Feedstock and Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel – Port of Seattle .PDF
  • ASCENT 001 – Regional Supply Chain Analysis-Tropics .PDF

Day 2

  • Transport Canada Updates – Antoine Lacroix .PDF
  • Transport Canada Updates – Ted McDonald .PDF
  • NASA Updates .PDF
  • ASCENT 019 – Development of Aviation Air Quality Tools for Airport-Specific Impact Assessment: Air Quality Modeling .PDF
  • ASCENT 003 – Cardiovascular Disease and Aircraft Noise Exposure .PDF
  • ASCENT 017 – Aircraft Noise and Sleep Disturbance .PDF
  • ASCENT 018 – Community Measurements of Aviation Emissions Contributions to Ambient Air Quality .PDF
  • ASCENT 022 – Evaluation of FAA Climate Tools  .PDF

Download Presentations by Day

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Poster Presentations

ProjectTitle Presenter 
1CAlternative Fuels Supply Chain AnalysisPurdue.PDF
1DAlternative Fuels Supply Chain AnalysisPenn State.PDF
1EAlternative Fuels Supply Chain AnalysisUT.PDF
2Ambient Condition Corrections for nvPM Emissions
10Aircraft Technology and Modeling AssessmentGT, Purdue.PDF

31Alternative Jet Fuel Test and EvaluationUniv. of Dayton.PDF
33Alternative Fuels Test Database LibraryU. Illinois.PDF
36Parametric Uncertainty Assessment for AEDT2bGeorgia Tech.PDF
37CLEEN II Technology Modeling & AssessmentGeorgia Tech.PDF
38Rotorcraft Noise Abatement Procedures DevelopmentPenn State.PDF
39Naphthalene Removal AssessmentMIT.PDF
40Quantifying Uncertainties in Predicting Aircraft Noise in
Real-World Situations
Penn State, Purdue.PDF
41Identification of Noise Acceptance Onset for Noise Certification Standards of Supersonic AirplanesPenn State.PDF
42Acoustical Model of Mach Cut-offPenn State.PDF
43Noise Power Distance Re-EvaluationGeorgia Tech.PDF
44Aircraft Noise Abatement Procedure Modeling and
45Takeoff/Climb Analysis to Support AEDT APM
46Surface Analysis to Support AEDT APM DevelopmentMIT.PDF
47Clean Sheet Supersonic Aircraft Engine Design and
48Analysis to Support Development of an Engine nvPM Emission StandardMIT.PDF