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Project 36 | EDS Capability Demonstration for Assessing the CLEEN Program

EDS Capability Demonstration for Assessing the CLEEN Program

Project Category: Interdependencies and policy assessment
Project Number: 36

The Federal Aviation Administration is committed to the development of continuous lower energy, emissions, and noise (CLEEN) technologies for civil subsonic jet airplanes. This is to help achieve the Next Generation Air Transportation System goals to increase airspace system capacity by reducing significant community noise and air quality emissions impacts in absolute terms, and limit or reduce aviation greenhouse gas emissions impacts on the global climate. The CLEEN program is focused on reducing current levels of aircraft noise, air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions, and energy use, and advancing alternative fuels for aviation use. The focus of the CLEEN Program is to

  • mature previously conceived noise, emissions and fuel burn reduction technologies from Technology Readiness Levels of 3-4 to TRLs of 6-7, enabling industry to expedite the introduction of these technologies into current and future aircraft and engines
  • assess the benefits and advance the development and introduction of alternative “drop in” fuels for aviation, with particular focus on renewable options, including blends.

PARTNER Project 36 is a capability demonstration of how the Environmental Design Space, being developed under Project 14, could support the assessment of the potential technology packages that would be awarded under the future CLEEN program as applied to two current EDS vehicle models, specifically the single aisle and twin aisle models.


Georgia Institute of Technology


Dimitri Mavris, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, dimitri.mavris@ae.gatech.edu
Michelle Kirby, Georgia Institute of Technology, michelle.kirby@aerospace.gatech.edu


Rhett Jeffries rhett.jefferies@faa.gov


Environmental Design Space Assessment of Continuous Lower Energy Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) Technologies. Dimitri Mavros, Jimmy C. Tai, Christopher Perullo. The PARTNER Project 36 final report. March 2016. Report number PARTNER-COE-2016-001. Download (pdf)