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Geospatially Driven Noise Estimation Module

Project Number: 009
Category: Tools, Noise

The goal of this task is to develop a novel geospatially driven noise estimation module to support computation of noise resulting from the operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and other upcoming vehicle concepts. The development of the module will leverage emerging computational technologies to achieve fast and efficient modeling of a potentially large number of vehicles and operations. The module design will allow its’ integration as a component module or plug-in to other applications relying on a Geographic Information System (GIS) interface. The noise estimation approach will be based on the concept of precomputed noise grid tiles addition. The module’s design phase will identify what emerging open source geospatial and data processing technologies would be best suited to serve as the module’s computational infrastructure and assess if they can provide innovative, maintainable, and affordable solutions.


This research will produce a GIS driven noise estimation module that can evaluate the noise exposure that could result from the introduction of large numbers of UAS vehicles into both commercial and private use. The geospatial module will be able to quickly compute and return noise levels to be overlaid on maps by the hosting application. The resulting visualizations will provide decision-makers insight on where the noise would be distributed or concentrated. This method could also help identify innovative operational concepts to promote sustainable growth of UAS operations by minimizing noise generation over sensitive areas. Because of its modular design and inherently flexible noise grid-based computational approach, the module will also support integration in any tool and the modeling of any other emerging vehicle concepts.

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Last Updated 7/19/2023

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