Aircraft Design and Performance Assessment Tool Enhancement

Project Number: 012   COMPLETE
Category: Tools

This project created an interface between the FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Too (AEDT) and SUAVE (Stanford University Aerospace Vehicle Environment) module. Previously, AEDT performed four-dimensional analyses based on aircraft performance models supplied by external aircraft modeling capabilities. The SUAVE module provides this information while being more fully integrated with AEDT, creating the benefit of ensuring that a more diverse set of aircraft analysis and design tools can be interfaced with AEDT. This interface also ensures that future aircraft configurations are incorporated into aircraft design processes with a sufficiently-high level of fidelity so that the input information provided to AEDT can credibly be used to assess system-level impacts.

After creating this interface, the project team focused on developing a database of AEDT aircrafts within SUAVE. Finally, the team demonstrated the capability of SUAVE to generate advanced aircraft to show the potential value of the interface.

Last Updated 3/31/2020

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