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Analytical Methods for Expanding the AEDT Aircraft Fleet Database

Project Number: 060
Category: Tools

The goal of this research is to improve the accuracy of Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) noise and emissions modeling of aircraft types not currently in the Aircraft Noise and Performance (ANP) database.

Georgia Institute of Technology will identify and review the aircraft types that are not currently modeled in AEDT and collect information and necessary data to better understand the characteristics of these aircraft. Various statistical analysis methods will be used to classify the aircraft into different types in terms of size, age, technologies, and other engine/airframe parameters. Then the most appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods will be developed for each aircraft type to develop the ANP performance and noise data.

Validation data from real world flight and physics-based modeling will be gathered to validate the methods. The Environmental Design Space (EDS) will be employed to generate Noise Power Distance (NPD) curves for the aircraft using physics-based modeling and simulation to support the method validation analysis. Once validated, the methods will be applied to develop ANP and noise data for the aircraft. Recommendations and guidelines will be developed for how to implement the developed data in AEDT to expand the AEDT fleet database to include noise and performance data for the aircraft types currently not in ANP database.


This research will expand the AEDT FLEET database to include the noise and performance data of the aircraft types that are currently not in AEDT. The database expansion will improve the noise and emissions modeling of these aircraft types and will eventually enhance AEDT’s environmental modeling capability. The enhanced modeling capability will improve the accuracy of AEDT environmental assessment of the aircraft operations. The outcomes of this research also include recommendations and guidance on implementation of the methods and data into AEDT.

Last Updated 9/20/2022

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