A futuristic 3D model of a jet hovers over a scientist who is thinking about the design.

Assessment of Fuel Cells for Powering Modern Business Jets

Project Number: 095
Category: Aircraft Technology Innovation

The objective of this research project is to identify opportunities for utilizing fuel cells on regional jet class aircraft to displace traditional power systems and reduce the total fossil fuel consumption of these vehicles. Fuel cell modeling and simulation will be performed for integration alongside an appropriate regional jet aircraft model. Industry partner Honeywell Aerospace will inform the Georgia Tech fuel cell and engine modeling activities, and Gulfstream will inform the Georgia Tech vehicle modeling activities.


This project will quantify the benefit available to today’s regional jet class vehicles through the utilization of onboard fuel cells as supplemental power providers to the aircraft. This, in turn, will inform the FAA as to the technical and economic feasibility of fuel cell systems for powering future aircraft.

Last updated 7/10/2023

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