Aerial View of an airplane flying over a city with a river.

FAST-Tech System Level Assessment

Project Number: 097
Category: Aircraft Technology Innovation

The objective of the FAA’s Fueling Aviation’s Sustainable Transition (FAST)-Tech program is to accelerate the development and demonstration of low-emission aviation technologies in line with U.S. aviation climate goals to reduce aviation carbon emissions. The objective of this research project is to support the FAA by independently modeling and assessing the technologies that are being developed under the FAST-Tech program. This will involve direct coordination and data sharing with the FAST-Tech awardees in order to accurately model the environmental benefits of these technologies at the vehicle and fleet levels.


This project will quantify the expected U.S. fleet-wide reductions in aviation fuel burn and CO2 emissions provided by the technologies developed under the FAST-Tech program projected into their use in future aircraft. Additionally, the project will assess the interdependent outcomes related to airport community noise and NOx emissions.

Last updated 7/18/2023

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