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Noise Certification Streamlining

Project Number: 061
Category: Noise

Current noise certification procedures were developed starting in the 1960s and some parts of the certification regulations reference equipment and processes that are dated. Consequently, some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) utilize equivalent procedures and technology to demonstrate compliance even though they not explicitly addressed in the regulations. The objective of this research is to examine current noise certification procedures and develop a more streamlined and flexible process for all applicable air vehicles. To perform the proposed research, Georgia Institute of Technology has teamed with several industrial partners with extensive experience in noise certification. Each industrial partner also represents different classes of air vehicles, ranging from large subsonic jet transports to small propeller airplanes to rotorcraft.

The goal of this effort is to provide an assessment of the current noise certification procedures and to identify improvements to the existing process that will result in a more efficient and flexible aircraft noise certification procedure. A streamlined noise certification process would allow for a consolidation of current noise certification procedures and yield a set of procedures that are, in general, more cost and time efficient. This streamlined noise certification process would then be used to formulate a more flexible noise certification process that enables the noise certification of air vehicles that do not fit within the existing vehicle categories.


This project will contribute to the creation of recommendations on potentially new aircraft noise certification processes that can be performed with greater efficiency than the existing processes, thereby reducing the time and cost of noise certification. The new process will also consider new air vehicle categories thereby producing a process which is flexible enough to be used for the noise certification of future and existing air vehicle categories.

Last updated 4/12/2023

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