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September 2020 New Projects

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New Projects

ASCENT 009: Geospatially Driven Noise Estimation Module
ASCENT 049: Modeling of Urban Air Mobility Noise to Enable Innovative Means of Noise Reduction
ASCENT 050: Over-Wing Engine Placement
ASCENT 051: Combustion Concepts for the Next-Generation Aircraft Engines
ASCENT 052: Comparative Assessment of Electrification Strategies for Aviation
ASCENT 053: Validation of Low-Exposure Noise Modeling by Open-Source Data Management and Visualization Systems Integrated with AEDT
ASCENT 054: AEDT Evaluation and Development Support
ASCENT 055: Noise Generation and Propagation from Advanced Combustors .pdf
ASCENT 056: Turbine Cooling Through Additive Manufacturing
ASCENT 057: Support for Supersonic Aircraft Noise Efforts in ICAO CAEP
ASCENT 058: Improving Policy Analysis Tools to Evaluate Higher-Altitude Aircraft Operations
ASCENT 059: Jet Noise Modeling and Measurements to Support Reduced LTO Noise of Supersonic Aircraft Technology Development

ASCENT 060: Analytical Methods for Expanding the AEDT Aircraft Fleet Database
ASCENT 061: Noise Certification Streamlining
ASCENT 062: Noise Model Validation for AEDT
ASCENT 063: Parametric Noise Modeling For Boundary Layer Ingesting Propulsors
ASCENT 064: Alternative Design Configurations to meet Future Demand
ASCENT 065a: Fuel Testing Approaches for Rapid Jet Fuel Prescreening
ASCENT 065b: Fuel Testing Approaches for Rapid Jet Fuel Prescreening
ASCENT 066: Evaluation of High Thermal Stability Fuels
ASCENT 067: Impact of Fuel Heating on Combustion and Emissions
ASCENT 068: Combustor Wall Cooling Concepts for Dirt Mitigation
ASCENT 069: Transitioning a Research nvPM Mass Calibration Procedure to Operations
ASCENT 070: Reduction of nvPM Emissions via Aero-Engine Fuel Injector Design
ASCENT 071: Predictive Simulation of nvPM Emissions in Aircraft Combustors
ASCENT 072: Aircraft Noise Exposure and Market Outcomes in the US
ASCENT 073: Combustor Durability Evaluation with Use of Alternative Jet Fuels
ASCENT 074: Low Emission Premixed Combustion Technology for Supersonic Civil Transport
ASCENT 075: Improved Engine Fan Broadband Noise Prediction Capabilities
ASCENT 076: Improved Open Rotor Noise Prediction Capabilities
ASCENT 077: Measurements to Support Noise Certification for UAS/UAM Vehicles and Identify Noise Reduction Opportunities

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