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A Physics-based Approach to Modeling Real-fuel Combustion Chemistry – II. Reaction Kinetic Models of Jet and Rocket Fuels

Xu, R., Wang, K., Banerjee, S., Shao, J., Parise, T., Zhu, Y., Wang, S., Movaghar, A., Lee, D.J., Zhao, R., Han, X., Gao, Y., Lu, T.. Brezinsky, K., Egolfopoulos, F.N., Davidson, D.F., Hanson, R.K., Bowman, C.T., & Wang, H. (2018). A physics-based approach to modeling real-fuel combustion chemistry – II. Reaction kinetic models of jet and rocket fuels. Combustion and Flame, 193:520-537.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.combustflame.2018.03.021