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Integrated Noise and CO2 Standard Setting Analysis

Project Number: 082
Category: Noise, Emissions

The purpose of this ASCENT project is to support the FAA in conducting a cost–effectiveness stringency analysis for CAEP/13 while considering the interdependencies between CO2 and noise. While analyses of this type have been previously conducted, this project seeks to update the assumptions and modeling capabilities based on a quantitative assessment of technological benefits and the costs associated with achieving those benefits. This work will provide the FAA with a data-driven decision-making process that accounts for the interdependencies between CO2 and noise as well as the costs associated with their mitigation.

To evaluate the economic reasonableness of proposed aircraft environmental standards, the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) requires tools for assessing the impact of technologies and design changes intended to control aircraft noise and emissions and for evaluating the costs of implementing such changes to aircraft and engine designs. Existing methods used to support decision-making in previous CAEP noise stringencies do not represent modern aircraft and propulsion designs and technologies. The goal of this project is to develop new tools that address the shortcomings of the previous methods in support of CAEP/13 stringency analyses.


This project will support the CAEP stringency analysis process, which includes an assessment of the mitigation of the environmental impacts of aviation and the associated costs of achieving those benefits under different stringency scenarios. The work will support FAA engagement and decision-making in CAEP and will enhance the overall dual stringency analysis.

Last Updated 7/18/2023

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ASCENT 082A (Georgia Tech)   ASCENT 082B (MIT)

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