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Transitioning a Research nvPM Mass Calibration Procedure to Operations

Project Number: 069
Category: Emissions

This project is designed to investigate the validity of the Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer (CPMA) mass calibration research approach across all non-volatile Particulate Matter (nvPM) mass ranges encountered during certification tests to successfully transition the methodology to operations. The project will begin with a laboratory assessment leading to a dedicated small engine test at the US Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Complex using the North American Reference nvPM Measurement System and ancillary equipment along with the CPMA and other needed instruments. A successful demonstration of the CPMA approach has enormous potential to save costs and reduce test schedule constraints.

project 069 flow chart
Schematic Diagram of the CPMA Mass Calibration Approach (UDAC: Unipolar Diffusion Aerosol Charger; CAFM: Combustion Aerosol Flow Meter).


Anticipated outcomes are a field-deployable, user-friendly, low cost mass calibration system for nVPM measurements during engine emissions certifications.

Last Updated 4/12/2023

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