A futuristic 3D model of a jet hovers over a scientist who is thinking about the design.

Alternative Design Configurations to meet Future Demand

Project Number: 064
Category: Aircraft Technology Innovation, Emissions

The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) twenty-year forecast anticipates nearly 8.2 billion commercial airline passengers by 2036, nearly double the number of passengers in 2017. To understand the environmental aspects of the projected growth in international aviation, this project will investigate how trends in innovative aircraft technology and design will impact fuel burn and CO2 emissions. Mature, in development and foreseen technologies and aircraft design concepts will be considered, and technology readiness, feasibility, effects on aircraft configurations, designs and performance will be assessed. The goal is to forecast impacts of new technologies on fuel burn and CO2 emissions from international aviation through and beyond 2050 under a variety of scenarios related to technology, market factors, and constraints.


This project will provide the FAA with an understanding of the impacts of future trends in aircraft technology on fuel burn and CO2 emissions from international aviation. The work will support FAA engagement and decision-making at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Last Updated 9/20/2022

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