Analytical Approach for Quantifying Noise from Advanced Operational Procedures

Project Number: 023
Category: Operations

The purpose of this project is to develop a method for improving the fidelity, accuracy, and utility of noise analysis techniques for the development and environmental review of advanced operational procedures. Aircraft noise is generated through a combination of engine and aerodynamic sources. Traditional noise analysis techniques such as the Aviation Environmental Design Tool model noise using a Noise Power Distance method, which does not fully capture aerodynamic and velocity effects.

An alternative physics-based modeling approach has been developed to capture higher-fidelity noise impacts. The new framework can be used to evaluate noise from arriving and departing aircraft, including both engine and aerodynamic sources.

Advanced procedures have the potential to reduce aircraft noise using several methods including lateral track management (noise-preferred routes and track dispersion or concentration), vertical profile management, or speed and configuration management. For example, departing aircraft generate louder airframe noise as velocity increases:

Advanced departure procedures may achieve quieter noise using this effect by climbing initially at lower speeds than current standards.

By analyzing procedure concepts such as these, noise reduction potential can be calculated at specific airports and for individual aircraft types. Similar analysis may be performed on a wide set of possible future arrival and departure procedures.


  • Analysis framework and method capable of evaluating noise from advanced operational procedures
  • Set of noise-minimizing procedure concepts with potential application throughout the National Airspace System
  • Identification of key constraints and opportunities for noise-minimizing advanced operational procedures
  • Analysis of one or more location-specific procedure sets in partnership with impacted stakeholders
  • Improved understanding on noise impacts from flight track concentration and dispersion arising from PBN arrival and departure procedures

Last Updated 7/19/2023

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